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Matthew GraY

Oregon License #11368


Hello! My name is Matthew and I am honored that you are here learning more about me. My deep interest in how the body and it’s intricate and amazing systems work together has led me to pursue the therapies that I practice today.  My life and my practice are greatly benefited by cultivating qi.  I find tai chi and qigong so beneficial for everyone that I have been practicing and teaching it for 10 years.

I received my Esalen massage therapy certification in January of 2001, then completed my coursework for an Oregon license at the Oregon School of Massage in 2005.  I trained in my various body work therapies through the Upledger Institute, plus I acquired my certification as an Integral Qigong and Tai Chi instructor from the IIQTC in the years in between.

I work out of the comfortable surroundings of Blue Heron Healing Arts in downtown Corvallis.  I am lucky to be a part of this very talented and caring family of healing professionals.