What We Offer

Balance For Everyone


Esalen style Massage can best be described as an intuitive led therapy invloving long, luxurious, flowing strokes, stretching and thoughtful presence. $70 for 1 hr, $100 for 1 1/2.

Couples Massage can be arranged when my talented partner and I can coordinate time with you both. $75 for 1 hr, $110 for 1 1/2.

Hot Stone Therapy can be integrated into your massage treatment for an additional $10 per session.

Chair Massage is available for you to arrange for your deserving team. Call me in and you will be their hero! Massage rate plus $10 travel fee.

CranioSacral Therapy works at resetting and soothing the Craniosacral system which surrounds your brain and spinal cord.  The treatment is gentle comfortable and is done with the client wearing their comfy clothing. $75 per session.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a gentle and relaxing therapy that dramatically improves the movement of lymph in the body. This improves inflammation and overall health greatly. $75 per session.

Visceral Massage Therapy is a powerful yet mostly gentle therapy in which restrictions are located and worked with in order to regain the full energetic potential of the organ, surrounding area and body as a whole. $75 per session.