tai chi easy

qi for all


With Tai Chi Easy, I do not teach a traditional Tai Chi form. Every tradiational tai chi form involves 108 manouvers and takes a long time to learn. While those practices hold my deep respect, I prefer to teach more approachable ways in benefitting from cultivating qi.  Easy and fun methods that can be used in any combination you wish.  You end up with the ability to practice your own way. Gaining the special relationship that never goes away, connecting with qi.

Each class teaches you a variety of techniques from ancient Chinese medical knowledge. You will learn about qi and get a basic understanding of the theory, history and powerful self health enhancing benefits gained with tai chi, qigong, breath work, meditation/relaxation and self-applied massage/reflexology.

I have experience teaching people of all age groups and lifestyle situations. This beautiful practice can be learned standing, sitting or even laying down.

$45 per session, scaled down with groups.